17 CAMELS and 3 SONS

Finding your own solution

Sometimes we just don’t know or can’t agree with others how to solve a problem and sometimes we are presented with a situation that simply looks unresolvable.

Often it seems easier to ask someone else to solve our problem for us, whether that’s our boss, a friend or relative or a coach.

A wise friend, coach or adviser will not try to tell us the answer but will instead encourage us to make our own decision. They may help to reframe the situation for us by adding a new dimension but we should be prepared to take responsibility.

THE LESSON is that it’s a great idea to share your problems and concerns with someone who can help you to see things from a different perspective but be ready to make your won decisions and be responsible for the outcome.


Who might you share your situation or concern with who could act as a wise counsel?

Can you use that person to help you see things differently so that you can make your own choices and decisions?