Jane GunnFascinating! Jane Gunn delves deeply into the mysteries of the boardroom – and the bedroom, in this must-read book!” Marshall Goldsmith – million selling author of “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” “Succession: Are You Ready” and “Mojo”

Almost every instance of conflict or dispute at work is the catalyst for, or is mirrored by, conflict at home. In the same way, relationships at home have a dramatic impact on our ability to create a productive and harmonious work life.

This book seeks to highlight that the same skills and tools can be used to manage conflicts and disputes between individuals, groups of people, organisations and even between nations.

This book will help you to:

  • Understand how and why problems arise
  • Learn skills and techniques to resolve them
  • Enjoy the process

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“I normally avoid books like this. I write business books so I wouldn’t normally spend my free time reading them. But this one snuck up on me. I started dipping in and out and invariably found that 20 – 30 minutes had somehow rushed by. I’ve also found myself using the book with clients and in presentations – and that for me is the ‘acid test.’ There’s a wisdom here but not the seriousness that normally accompanies those who dispense it. it’s a quiet wisdom that shines through. A quote from Colman McCarthy at the back of the book reads, ‘The Earth is too small a star and we too brief a visitor upon it for anything to matter more than the struggle for peace.’ Jane gives us the understanding and tools to help make this happen. Some insights are new to me and I am thankful to take them on board in my life. Some I already know but I am thankful to be reminded! The book is also delightfully easy to read. As I write about strategic thinking – seeing the whole picture – I love the way that Jane tears down some of the barriers that separate our business and personal lives and gets to the nub of what’s really going on. And, there are lots of practical stories and examples so the book is very accessible. Jane quotes Margaret Miller when she talks about the art of true conversation. ‘Most conversations are simply monologues delivered in the presence of witnesses.’ I watched myself after reading this part of the book and was horrified to see how true this sometimes is of me. I am now in the process of relearning the age-old wisdom that ‘less is more’. Thank you Jane.” –  R. A. Gorzynski

“This book tackles the issues of conflict in all walks of life (work, home, etc) in an eye-opening way, made possible by the author’s wide experience as a professional in conflict resolution. The entire book is wonderful to read, and for me the most enlightening chapters were ‘planning for conflict’ and ‘celebrating difference’. Throughout my career, I have viewed conflicts at work as unfortunate events which could or should have been avoided. Jane points out that conflicts are inevitable and should even be welcomed as positive indications of our diversity as human beings. With the help of her book, we can learn to use conflict to enlighten and strengthen everyone concerned, to the benefit of the organisation, family unit, whatever. She convinced me that this can really be made to work, at least in many cases.” – Chris

“This is a great book about conflict, why it happens and how we should deal with it. Jane Gunn very cleverly looks at the relationship between home and work and how conflict in one area can have a profound affect on the other. It is written in an engaging and entertaining style, but clearly conveys the facts about why disagreements occur in the first place and the steps required to overcome the all important stalemate in a conflict. It also highlights that many disputes are not only detrimental financially but can have a profound affect on our relationships and ultimately our happiness. I would recommend this book to anyone who is seeking harmony and satisfaction in their life! It can be read by dipping in and out of the chapters or all the way through as I did. I also think you should keep it on your bookshelf and get it out from time to time to refresh yourself. This is not a book that I will just read and forget about, but a book that I will read, use and recommend!” – Clare Cave

“Jane Gunn has a great understanding of conflict and how to overcome/resolve it. This book fascinated me in the way it parralleled life in the workplace with that in our homes. It was a fascinating insight into how we hear the words differently from what is really meant. I have long thought that we all talk in shorthand and need to be careful with the way we use our words. This book has been a tremendous help in the way I deal with conflict/relationships/business discussions. I would highly recommend this to anyone – particularly if their marriage is going through a difficult patch or they have a problem at work. This book will help you resolve them and with a hint of humour” – Rona Cant

“If I was still practising as a lawyer, I would not approve of this book. This is because the author does a superb job of showing you how to avoid the sort of unpleasant situations that the legal profession has been feasting on for hundreds of years. In a charmingly engaging tone, Gunn uses a wide selection of real-life examples to illustrate a sequence of practical and accessible techniques. For me, the overall message is something that really should have been drilled into us long before we became adults: the term “Adversarial Relationship” is an oxymoron. If your business or private life needs less conflict and more collaboration, then this is most definitely the book for you.” –  Graham Jones

“This book is a light hearted approach to managing life’s challenging situations be they at work or at play – my greatest take away is the need to listen more. We’re all great at talking but not always at really listening.” –  M. Pagan