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Managing Conflict in times of Change, Challenge & Crisis

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Video 1 – Change, Challenge and Crisis (What do you do when things look dark?)
Video 2 – What’s In Your Cup? (What’s inside will spill over)
Video 3 – I Will Survive (It’s not about pleasing others)
Video 4 – 17 Camels and 3 Sons (Finding your own solutions)
Video 5 – The Injection Theory (Influencing others)
Video 6 – Bringing Love Into The Room (The feel-good factor)
Video 7 – Why Do You Care (Who’s in control?)
Video 8 – The Bubble Theory (Why it’s not all about you)
Video 9 – Can You Sing And Dance? (Say Yes and thumb your nose at fear)

Video 10 – Let’s Keep Dancing (If I had it all to do again…)