Influencing others

Very often in times of crisis we want others to follow our lead and to agree with our reasoning and solutions. Sometimes it makes us feel better to take control and manage things in our way.

But what if others don’t want to follow our lead and see things as we do. How can we change their minds and make them see sense?

The truth is that trying to persuade or even force someone to change their mind and to see things your way or accept your solution to the problem is more than likely to have exactly the opposite effect.

THE LESSON is that you need to change the interaction to one of 2-way dialogue and use the 3-steps to success:

1. LISTEN – be open to hear and respond to the message that others are trying to get across to us

2. LEARN – to be willing to learn from others even when we fundamentally disagree with them

3. LOVE – to show respect and courtesy to all, no matter how wrong we believe them to be


Are you trying to take control of others to make you feel better?

Use the 3-step process to establish a conversation with them so that you can agree together how to move forward